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Crane Services

Runnion Equipment offers repairs on many components. For replacement, remanufactured components offer an economical alternative.

Repair or Remanufacture

Runnion Equipment Company remanufacturing services include the following parts: hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, remote handsets, swing boxes, LMI units, and more. All remanufactured components meet OEM standards and carry a warranty comparable to new component warranties.

Refurbish, Paint, and Trim

Company colors are important to many of our customers. Custom paint jobs and logo decals are no problem and a routine part of our business. If bodywork is required, we can offer you an estimate on that as well. Has the deck on your boom truck seen better days? We can re-deck if for you and freshen up the paint on the frame to look like it was just delivered. In addition, we can install special or custom wheels, tool boxes, trim pieces and even reupholster your seat.

  • Hydraulic repairs are completed quickly, efficiently
  • Remanufactured pumps, motors, and drive units are an economical alternative to buying new
  • Truck body repairs and custom painting
  • Re-deck your boom truck
  • Drop off your crane—Get back to work in one of our chase cars
Crane services

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Runnion Equipment offers repairs on many components.