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Crane Inspections / Maintenance

Meet OSHA annual inspection requirements with a Runnion Crane Inspection; Avoid unplanned downtime with Preventive Maintenance

Crane Inspection Requirements

The U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety & Health Administration requires annual inspections of hoisting machinery by a qualified person who has thorough knowledge of the requirements, regulations and standards governing equipment operation. The owner of the machinery is required to maintain a record of the dates and results of these inspections for each hoisting machine. Any deficiencies noted during the inspection must be corrected before the crane is operated.

Crane Inspection Services

Runnion Equipment offers crane inspections that satisfy all OSHA requirements. Our OSHA inspections are conducted by factory trained technicians and include an in-depth visual and operational inspection of your machine. We put the machine through its normal operating cycles, removing safety covers for accurate inspection of concealed areas. In addition, lubrication, fluid and torque services are provided.

A detailed list of items that require servicing or replacement in order for your unit to meet applicable OSHA standards is provided. The placement of correct safety warning stickers and operational safety devices is part of these standards. Once the standards are met, the OSHA report and inspection sticker that Runnion Equipment Company supplies certify that your machine is operating safely and allows you access to government funded jobsites

First Year OSHA Certification

When you purchase your crane at Runnion Equipment, the first year OSHA certification is mounted on the machine and keeps it in compliance for the initial year of ownership. There is no charge for this service.

Preventive Maintenance

Runnion Equipment has designed a preventive maintenance program for your equipment that follows the same regimen the company uses for its own rental fleet. We can verify service hours periodically to assure that we perform maintenance activities to meet warranty coverage requirements. By performing routine maintenance, you will avoid unplanned downtime, unexpected breakdowns and injuries.

Factory Trained Technicians

All services are completed by our technicians who have received extensive factory training on equipment repair, including diagnostics, maintenance, safety features, and operating characteristics.