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Keep Critters Out of Your Boom Truck

mechanic standing on ladder inspecting boom of crane with images of kittens, a bird, and a squirell in corner of frame
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February 3, 2023

Cats and small animals are drawn to the shelter and warmth of parked cars, trucks, and crane booms. Engine bays are popular spaces for cats and rodents since these are warm, shielded spaces that are easy to climb into from the ground. Similarly, the boom of a crane is a popular nesting spaces for birds, squirrels, and any animals that might seek shelter in trees.

Operating machinery with an animal inhabiting the engine or boom can be fatal for the animals, dangerous to humans, and destructive to your equipment. Try these methods to prevent injury:  

  • Inspect – Before starting your truck, take a peek in the wheel wells, under the hood, under your vehicle, and pay attention to any animal prints on or around the vehicle. Be sure to check the boom for debris or movement as part of your regular pre-use crane inspection.  
  • Make noise – Knock on the hood and boom, honk the horn, and/or kick the wheel wells and wait a minute before starting the engine
  • Prevention – When possible, park your vehicle in a garage or away from food sources (like trash cans) and trees. Use repellent sprays, scents (like peppermint or citrus) that are disliked by small animals, or mothballs around the perimeter of your equipment. Avoid leaving the vehicle stationary for long periods of time to prevent established nests.


If you suspect you might have an animal in your engine or boom, it is best to call a local animal rescue, wildlife rehabilitator, or humane trapper.

Damage, such as chewed hoses or cables, can be repaired at Runnion Equipment.